Dan Barron wrote:

> But Marc had pointed us to Sutton instead of Jay in the first
> place because of its more wind-sheltered layout and that seemed to do the
> trick.

I later learned that the triple was the only aerial lift running at Jay on

> The caravan to Sutton, a 50 minute scenic drive across Quebec secondary
> roads

Made that long by some rather unpleasant road conditions.

> Marc had the most impressive run with a replay of Michael Bernstein's "oh,
> Oh, OOHH" from two days before. He bumped and bounced--fast--on the edge of
> control and held on.

At times, perhaps on the wrong side of that edge.

> Did a last quick cruiser with Eric, who put the
> fear of missing facial parts in me by telling me my nose was starting to
> turn white and decided to wrap it up at 2:30.

I'm probably the only Floridian presently nursing the ugly after-effects of
frostbitten lips, ear lobes, cheek bones and nose.

> (even shabby lakeside Venice-en-Quebec in its
> shabby lakeside way).

Neat place in Summer.  BTW, should you find yourself facing that same journey
again, just stay on 139 south to Richford, VT, then cut across on a combination
of 105, 78 and 2 - which is, in essence, how Jim found his way to I-87.  Much
more direct, but lacking the special charm that you enjoyed.

> The Customs guy on little 223S (turns into 2 in NYS)
> was nasty as can be.

Aah, welcome to my world.  Imagine encountering that nastiness 5 or 6 times per
week, followed by a full secondary search.  Now, you get the picture.

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