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Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2000 9:30 AM
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Leigh Daboll responds:

Hey, It was ME who originally talked Marc into checking out Orford!

Credit where credit is due ;-)

 -----------------Yeah right!  You also win my first annual "I got some good stocks I'll sell you award" for assuring me that Orford only had wide easy cruisers so I could rest up from Saturday's pounding I took in the Jay glades.  Marc comes in a close second with his offer to take you and Brier down a "nice easy open" glade to start your experience and then takes us to Valhalla.

Saturday morning dawned bluebird, absolutely still and FREAKING COLD.

It was about -25 degrees at the base of Jay
 ------------------I thought Jay turned out pretty balmy compared to Friday and Monday.  My vote for coldest feeling day was Monday as daytime high at Sutton rose to a whopping minus 15 F.  We had all six of us constantly fogging goggles due to the temperature running at or
below the dew point.
That evening, a fine time was had by all dining in Magog,
      -------------You mean our midnight snack?

notwithstanding the following:

1. A certain "local expert's" "shortcut" [can you say "where the f***

are we?"]
    -------------I'll certainly second that.

2. A certain "local expert's" view which could be best described as "we

don't need no stinkin' reservations"
 --------------- Also known as "lets stand around and freeze while we figure out where to go.

3. Forty-five round trip miles of black ice.

 ----------------Hey aren't you Canadian?  Your vehicle probably calabrates the speedometer in KPH.  Remember, I clicked the trip set for the return and got 32 miles ONE WAY.                    

I really hope the group tried Sutton on Monday, as the glades there are

consistently ranked #1 in Canada
-------------I bet you everyone else who did Sutton will unaminously disagree with you on this.  We will have to qualify the language here.  If Sutton has glades then Orford doesn't have the same thing so we will have to call anything we skied at Orford "woods trails"  instead of glades.  Then again, Sutton only had two lifts running and access was really unreasonable to get to what might be more interesting then we found.   
After a short (too short) round of good-byes to all, Briar and I headed

out for, initially, a brutal drive back through Montreal and home.

Roads were extremely treacherous until the Ontario border, then it was

only wind to deal with.  We finally rolled in at about 12:45 am.

-------------On my way home Monday there was only a dusting of snow from Enosburgh Falls to Lake Champlain.  The northeast kingdom and Eastern Townships appear to have gotten all the goods.
To everyone there, we gotta make this an annual event!  Same time, same

--------------Amen and amen!  I second that motion.  MLK weekend has been good two years in a row.  How about Orford, Jay, Orford, Jay for four days.  I could actually do four days straight at Orford and not get bored I think.
Some awards:

1. Best clown shoe imitation: Jim Dugan's: Black 130 cm Elans ("Hey they

have Grateful Dead graphics on them if you catch the light right") Note:

also wins award for fastest speed to length ratio)

----------They are 163 cm.  I think 130 actually qualifies as ski blades.

3. Best cartwheel and/or face plant: Yours truly (But still following

you guys!)

-----------Although I never did a face plant I executed a perfect jackknife dive off an eight foot ledge onto a flat trail at Sutton and woke up five minutes later in Marc's arms.  He asked me if I could tell him where I was and I said a ski trail, I think.  Not the answer he was looking for.  More to come on that later.  I strongly recommend a helmet if anyone is questioning if they should get one or not.  I'm really glad Dick has one.

4. Best Seth Morrison imitation:  4-way tie between Matt, Mike, Jim and


------------Does this refer to what I just mentioned above?  Pleas explain.  I'm dying to know how I compare to Matt, Mike and Jerm. 

------------Get ready for the mother of all kb posts coming soon to a server near you.  I still got cobwebs from Sutton and I want some of the memories to return.  I also have to get ready to go---skiing-- again tomorrow after one day back on job.  All this skiing is getting to be a grind.  (-: