There are many types of boarders out there.  Having been through the many fazes that snowboarding went through the past few years, I can say that there are those out there who have the negative attitude which gives snowboarders a bad rap (I may have been one of those in my late teens and early twenties).

Snowboarding has come a long way from it's early nineties baggy jeans, chain wallet toting days.  Yeah, there are many ignorant snowboarders out there (skiers too) who have the who the F#$@ are you attitude but there are many out there who are courteous and have a positive attitude toward the mountain and the people who ski them.  

I also hate it when newbies and ignorant vets, both skiers and boarders alike, who sit / stand in the middle of the trail.  I think it is all our jobs to educate these people on trail etiquette.

If I ever came close to any skiers in my days of riding, I apologize.  It was not done on purpose.

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