Thanks for the history lesson Dirk.  There's a lot of stuff I didn't know there.  Everyone tends to think that with the history of Lake Placid's Olympic involvement that Whiteface has hosted two Olympics.  If I'm not mistaken, I believe downhill skiing wasn't introduced into the Olympics until 1936.  For sure, Whiteface didn't exist in 1932 as it does today.  Jim 
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  Marble Mt was the original ski area at Whiteface through the 30's and 40's.  the
  present ski area was developed in the mid fifties and opened in 1957.  The Marble
  Mountain base lodge is now the Atmospheric Research Science Center.  It is a really
  cool log cabin structure that dates back to the 30's.  Real Adirondack Great Camp
  Currently, part of the parking area is used as hiker parking and the old t-bar line
  is an unmarked access to the trail that begins in Wilmington and continues up to the
  spur trail to Esther and on to Whiteface.
  The trails have completely grown in now since it has been 40+ years since they were
  abandoned.  Pretty gnarly stuff.  The kind of second growth stuff that more closely
  resembles twisted spider webs.  The  lower reaches of it also were badly decimated
  by the ice storm of 98.  don't even think about venturing off the beaten path.
  You'll end up tripping and stumbling over all that dead stuff that broke off the top
  of the trees.

  An interesting side note is that the original ski area is actually a couple of rope
  tows up higher on the flanks of Whiteface used in the twenties.

  Michael Bernstein wrote:

  > Sitting here getting nothing productive done at my desk, I was checking out the
  > topo for Whiteface when I came across a small area on the map called Marble
  > Mountian to the Northeast.  Anyone know anything about this place?  The East and
  > Northeast facing terrain above it looks sweet!
  > Jim Dugan?  surely you must know.
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