We tried various sources, including direct calls to poison centers, and
came to the conclusion that this citation that was requested is just
difficult to uncover.

I DO NOT NEED AN ANSWER to the question posed in the title - just a COPY
of the article.

Anon.  What do you do for someone who chews on dumbcane?
Westwern Michigan Poison Cneter Tox-A-Gram, August 1978.


I am going to advise our patron, as per the Samaritan Poison Center that
the infomation is on Poisondex, which is accessible in the ER here, and
if the treatment needs to be used as a reference, that Poisendex can be
used.  The problem is that it is "read only", and many of our docrs
still think that they need a printed source for placing in a

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