Just kidding
Root beer would be good though

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The votes have been tallied, the decision process was long and arduous...
I wish you cretins could have had, say, two votes the same. :)

And here is the lineup for friday, March 3rd, from 7pm -1am?

The Matrix
The Usual Suspects

I hope no one is too disappointed, be sure to invite your friends and
bring a pillow, because those seats get hard after 50 minutes, let alone
hours of viewing pleasure.
Remember, FREE snacks, FREE movies, and a chance to bond with the people
you should probably be friends with. What could be more fun?

I will entertain suggestions for what snacks to buy, starting today until
approximately next wednesday, first requested first on the list.
Here is an area where we may be able to please everyone. ;)

See you then!  (Or else!)

Servant of the people.

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