Hello Pat,

        We also lost the transformer in our Delta S magnet power supply
(open primary winding).  I was able to replace it with a Microtran
#PLT5.0-140 from Digi-Key.  Cost was $8.60 in 1997.  While it fit the
circuit board correctly, I seem to remember I had to install some jumpers
instead of using the original traces.  If it isn't obvious when you look at
it give me a call and I'll pull ours and see exactly what I did.  A word of
warning: be careful poking around on the magnet power supply card- the
common return floats at 240VAC rather than ground potential.

good luck,


>I am operating a Delta S, a transformer on the magnetic current power
>supply appears to have died. I was wondering if anyone knew where to get
>this transformer. I assume it is from Germany as that is where the PCB
>is made.
>The name on the transformer is BLOCK or BLOCH, 220V 50 HZ to 18V 3.3VA,
>numbers on the transformer are VR3118, T40/E
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