somewhere above 10 inches of new snow; deeper pockets everywhere (sometimes
whole trails); nobody was there.  *very* light, very nice. starting at mt.
ellen i resisted the urge to play on the slopes under the Inverness chair.
the reward was second tracks down exterminator.  the bumps and the new snow
through me, but the lower portion of exterminator was great.  Skiers right
had two cat tracks up it, but the rest was ungroomed.  the whole way down
there was a constant blanket of snow cascading over my knees and thighs.  I
can't say that i have every experienced this before for a whole run.  next
was elbow to lower exterminator, because i liked it soo much the first time.
  then i moved to looking good to cliffs.  cliffs was great.  here the snow
seemed like it was knee deep.  the snow was still cascading up over my knees
and thighs the whole way down.  next was lower fis. this was the choice
because it was untracked and i had never skied it.  plenty of lines were
still available.  the traverse out is one of the longest i have encountered.
  worse than burke's east bowl or MRGs antelope. mt. ellen was empty.  i
finished this run around 10am and took the opotunity to add another layer.
since I was back at the base.

the top lot had filled and the next lot was almost half full.  absolutely no
one here.  after returning to the lift i skied brambles for the first time.
again this trail had plenty of lines still left waiting for someone to ski
them.  after this i just had to ski the poma line, it just looked to good,
even with a few tracks down it.  pure heaven with every turn the snow was
flying all over.  after this i decided to head to south.  i rode the chair
right there ducked onto the castlerock traverse.  the castlerock liftie
sayed that things were holding up pretty well, even though there was dirt
showing through on the last pitch of liftline.  besides that section and the
rocky top, the coverage was great!  i skied rumble (had to, it's one of my
favorites) and then took castlerock connection to the heavans gate chair.
both of these trails had great snow, but were mostly skied off.

Next i tried the paradise woods.  Lots of snow.  It also emphasized how much
i don't really get to ski snow like this.  I need practise on some more open
slopes.  After some runs here I moved on to epsteins (off map trail).  It
was probably knee deep in there between the two recent storms.  very soft
and lots of fun.

by now it was close to one, time for lunch and a rest (this was my third
straight day skiing).  I headed back to north for lunch.

After lunch i played on the lower inverness chair with what ever snow I
could find, and completely exhausted my self on walts way and the trail to
skiers left of walts.  These still had plenty of pow and completed the day

(this was day three of four days for me - 1/29 to 2/1.  more reports to
follow, this was the best day.  I wanted to put out a RFS, Request For
Skiers, but unfortunately due to changing schedules of my friends, the place
to ski wasn't finalized until the morning arrived.)

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