Our beloved snow-god wrote:

<***Editor's Note***  Most of you may ski more often and better than me,
but Ihave something (judging from what I read on SkiVT-L) that I wouldn't
trade for anything, namely a wife who not only LOVES to ski but will ski
almost anything I do without fail and without complaint.)>

Mine won't ski everything I do (she's much more intelligent than me!)
but she can more than keep up with me, in fact outright dust me on
many slopes and many conditions.  Joy is a wife who skis well, bliss
is one who agrees to move to N. Vt.!

7 Springs is def. a decent hill, just a little too flat in places for
my liking.  It always gets high marks for night life and such, and they
never seemed to lack for snow when the temps were cool enough.  Of
course, the snow-god effect may have been in operation as well....

Jim B.

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