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   I've finally got pictures up to go with Jerms post:

   It may take a bit to load, but BE PATIENT! These are not to be missed...

>After a brief lunch of dehydrated foodstuffs we set out to finish the
>job of bludgeoning our bodies beyond recognition in the Survey Chutes.
>Any sick pup who has ever cast an eye on Madonna knows where these are,
>and either knows or can imagine just how evil they can be. The overall
>pitch through the first few sections is probably in the high forties,
>with brief (usually snowless) sections that are steeper than that. Throw
>in rocks, stumps, ice, etc and you get the picture. All in a line so
>straight and narrow you could shoot an arrow from top to bottom. They
>make the Stowe pipelines look tame by comparison.
>We had picked up a camera at lunch and in a fit of Kodak Courage Matt
>launched himself into one of the hairest sections while I played Chris
>Nobel. One jump turn into it and his left skied exploded as he hurtled
>toward a 10 foot drop onto stumpy and rocky torture. It didnt look good
>for our hero. At the last second he flung an arm out and bear-hugged a
>lonely birch on the edge of the abyss. Somewhere in there he was able to
>stop his ski too. So in frame #2 our hero is now the damsel in distress,
>hugging a tree while his legs dangle off the edge with a look of stark
>fear in his eyes. Cant wait till they get developed...

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