Yes, following the last two posts about MRG (Jim B.'s 2/2 and yesterday's
2/1) MRG is absolutely awesome right now.

I checked my email before heading out yesterday: first it said temps in
the 5 degree area, then 20-30mph winds (if I remember correctly).  Hence,
I knew it was going to be a cold one.  Then I read "the time to go to MRG
is right now!" and Volvo in the shop and all, grabbed my skis, put on my
coldest of cold, and thumbed it out (yes, it's a little odd even for
me) sort of in the tradition of freshman year.  There were also a few
other reasons: I was going (to try) to get a ride out but no one was
going, and considering I had maybe a little more than 30 days there last
year, I was itching to go at least just once day this year, since the big
pass doesn't exist anymore.  Studpid, stupid me, sohuld have gotten
the Mad pass.

Anyways, meet the friends who have been there since 8AM (must have been
even more freezing then) at 12:30 (had class, plus a 1.5 hr surprisingly
eventful rides [it always is, that's why it's sort of fun too, and it is a
small, small world).  However, the friends alerted me that they were
pooped.  Talked one of them into one more run, but he, at that point, had
no desire to do anything mildly challenging.  Double chair open, flew down
liftline (or the name of the trail under lift) faster than I ever
have in my entire life.  Yes, there was a lot of powder.  Met friend at
bottom, was alerted of a little frost bite on the tip of my nose (but this
is actually kind of common because I'm half Brazilian), put it under the
glove then the neck warmer and was OK.  Rode the lift behind a one
armed fellow who was awesome, so I took the first half of the run behind/
with him, off the lift line in the woods on both sides of the
trail.  Then at one point, going very very fast, I lost control and took
the biggest wipe out I've probably ever had on teles.  Very, very fast,
snow everywhere, totally discombobulated (but trying to not break any legs
since superloops don't release) and somehow lost a ski
anyways.  Magnificent wipeout, cheers from the skiers above too:)  Got up,
gathered my belongings, and headed down.  Dropped in that secret trail off
to the left (looking down) of the flagged off cliff under the double, into
some luscious woods, out to some bumped up trail, and in, to spend a few
peaceful hours at a friends house on the other side of the range.  Last
conclusions: Mad River Glen, of course, is probably the most incredible
place in the entire world.  I was pooped after only those two runs.

And, I've come close time after time of meeting Jim B., since he's a
Whiteface local too.  Sorry I missed you again.

Andre Shoumatoff  (802) 864-0830
Burlington VT

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