A few years ago my Dynastars (V8's) delaminated. It happened when I was
skiing some moguls and hit an unseen rock ( all skis are rock skis). The
contact was on the side of the edge, under the foot, the hardened (contact)
spot on the edge was barely visible. The delamination was about 3 inches
The shop I bought them from covered the binding removal/replacement,
Dynastar repaired the ski at the factory for free. I paid for the shipping
to the factory.
Usually this is considered skier damage and is not covered by warranty. But
since my skis were in almost new condition they covered it. Downside was a
2-4 week cycle time on the repair, in the middle of the season. Gave me an
excuse to go out and buy those Solomons.
The repair held up for the rest of the life of the ski. The important thing
is to catch it early before snow, slush and water have a chance to get in
there and degrade the core of the ski.
If you don't want to attempt to repair on your own, call around to other
shops until you find one that will do the repair. Mark the spot and keep an
eye on it. I would say that a $10 repair on a $400? pair of skis would be
worth it. Of course this depends on how long the fix lasts.
Steve Kijak
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                Took my new/used Dynastars to the ski shop for a dose of
Ptex. I've skied
                'em about 6 days. I was told they'd been skied as rentals
some 10 times
                before. Ski shop says they're starting to delaminate. He
doesn't want to do
                anything to 'em 'cause basically they're unskiable.


                What does delaminating mean?

                Is it terminal?

                Is there something wrong with the skis themselves? With the
way I ski? Just
                bad luck?

                Hardware doesn't like me. My computer's in the shop. My bike
needs new
                brakes. My boots are held together now with a jerry-rigged
strap. And I
                need skis by this weekend.


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