"proxy" b/c Kathleen skied MRG today, not I,
but all gender and identity confusion aside,
she reported bluebird conditions in the AM and
a rather heavy snow squall around 4pm.  Wouldn't
be to surprised in the Stark's Nest picked up
4"-6" by Sunday considering the flurries passing
through Burlington tonight.

K did her best to find untracked and managed to
do so in a nasty little spot I know well in the
C/FL woods.  Despite the PITA extraction process
the rest of the day went very well, with Paradise
having plenty of snow and even the oft' snow-
starved Lynx being perfectly skiable.  The only
bare spots reported were the high traffic bumps
of Canyon.  K met up with Mark patroller-in-training
Renson and skied a bit with him, seeing him later in
the day piloting a sled down the hill just for fun.

BTW, Mark, keep up the enlightening patroller-perspective
postsif you can.  Another successful day on the hill for
the VT portion of the Bogan/Bauman clan, with many more
to come.  Hope the rest of the season there includes
many more plaid encounters!

Jim B.

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