Whazzup all?!?!?!?!

Mr Mogul received a 2-day mogul camp ticket
from the little woman for christmas.  Here's
the day 1 report...

Showed up about 10 to 8 AM at the Perfect Turn
loft at K for my first lesson in about 16 years.
Didn't get on a lift until 10:30AM.  Many chairs
were closed this morning (Sat 2/5) so we were
forced to take a ride up the K1 gondola.  Man, I
was glad we were allowed to cut the line, it had
to be 40 min long!  Headed from top of K-peak
to Bear Mtn via Roundabout.  Nice run.  First real
run was down Dream Maker for an evaluation by the
"coaches"  (They don't call them instructors at
a "camp").  I proceed to attempt to show off and
have a real nasty wipeout which leaves a grapefruit
sized bruise on my left hip.  Nice going, now I
have to make it through the rest of the camp with
a nagging pain there....

Proceeded to run OL all day until the last 2 runs
on Needle's Eye.  Learned 2 interesting things:

1) My hands fly all over while doing bumps.  Gotta
   work on that.

2) You can hit the face of a bump straight on a
   lot harder than I ever thought possible.  What
   I mean is, rather than turn in front of the bump
   like all the people, go straight THROUGH it.
   Ski tips bend farther than you think, and if
   a bump is soft you can cut it right in half.
   I can't believe I never noticed that before,
   what kind of bumper am I?

Man I am tired and gotta do it all again tomorrow.


Mr Mogul

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