Ed Malczyk wrote:
> The traverse to the West is also annoying and somewhat dangerous.  I guess
> it is necessary because of the rock ledge that traverses the high part of
> the ridge, but another lift should have been constructed to the right to
> serve the steeper west terrain and reduce the traffic on that traverse.

I took a closer look at this on Sunday. From what I could see, Master
Magician must have started at the true ridgeline. There is a flat series
of trails that go off in that direction from the summit lift, and there
is a radio tower up there. Also, just above where Wizard hairpins an
apparent ex-glade comes down from above those cliffs (which I believe
were all blasted to make Wizard) and across the middle of the hairpin..
The top actually still looks skiable and has a wide chute down the
middle. If wizard wasnt there it would be a very long and steep pitch..
too bad.


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