Kor Kiley wrote -

>Very funny Richard!
>My biggest problem these days is that I'm obsessed with carving turns as
>much as possible yet I am unable to control my speed like I could with
>skidded turns!  Needless to say, I don't do much carving on black diamond
>trails.  I think you must need 165 cm slalom carvers to do that.  An 18
>meter turn radius doesn't cut it!  (I ski on Atomic 9.18's)

I've noticed something similar.  I too like to carve big fast turns on my
Rossi Viper 9.9s, trying to get as much speed as possible out of an
(ideally) 100% carved turn.  When conditions or traffic suddenly change and
require quick short partly skidded turns to slow down I feel awkward, like
its hard to get out of the established carving rhythm.

Richard Meyer

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