Margaret -

I have no argument with your point of view - I AGREE with you.  We need
to keep on reminding the JCAHO of what we do, and why we are important,
and need to be visited.  Forthermore, Patient care issues are strongly
related to our services.  SInce JCAHO strongly emphasises pateint
teaching etc. issues more and more
hospitlas are opening COnsumer Libraries for just such reasons.  When
JCAHO want "more", Administrators listen.

In too many istitutions, however, Adminisration does not
see the relationship between Consumer information and general library
information, and think that a bunch of brochures and whatever nurses do
with patients is enough.  It is a rare administrator who reacts
"properly" (my terminology) and connects the two.  Too often, such
services become the property of are given to Marketing/Outreach etc.
with no forthought for "library" type services, and with no know
how of how to run such a place.  i have not heard much about the
"Long-Life" library services, but once Ms. Long sets up such a
facility, often there is not floow-up.  We all know what happens to
"collections" when there is no professional know-how.

In short - MLA worked with JCAHO, and it saw some promise and some
improvement, but it seems to be  sliding back.  There is plenty for
MLA to be vigilant, to "push", and individual librarians NEED such
backup and support.

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