This didn't go through directly to Katherine so I'll post to the list
just in case...

I get a monthly report from Accounting of all the expenditures...  and
the spending so far for each line item in the budget.  My budget is
simplified, its only 1/2 a page long...  so its not that difficult to
keep track of.   I figure, why duplicate for myself what accounting
already has...

I should probably at least hold on to copies of invoices until I get the
accounting report, in order to check against it for the month, then
discard my copy....

Also, I used to keep copies of invoices, ILL charges, etc  but stopped
doing that because Accts Payable was already keeping a file on each
expenditure, by vendor name.  So if I need to look something up, I just
go down there and ask if I can have the So and So company file and they
let me make copies of what I need...

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