The Bronx is an embattled place. Between rampant racist police terror,
deteriorating and disappearing housing, unhealthy health facilities,
public centers of miseducation, exponential jobless rates and
mayor-sanctioned ridicule there are also a series of growing horrific
environmental disasters. But as the daily TV and newspapers show, the
Bronx people are resisting... organizing themselves at all levels.

Below is some info on the struggle against environmental racism that has
its roots in decades of  building a peoples' based environmental justice
movement in the Bronx? particularly the South Bronx where Democratic &
Republican city officials see this living space as a profitable dumping
ground for their corporate friends' toxic waste.

SftP folk need to find ways to support our Bronx comrades.

In Struggle,

S. E. Anderson

Stop Environmental Racism in the South Bronx!

Public Hearing: Wed. March 8 at 6 p.m.
I.S. 74, 730 Bryant Avenue - Hunts Point, Bronx

The Hunts Point neighborhood in the South Bronx has over 25
garbage facilities - one of the highest childhood asthma
hospitalization rates from the thousands of garbage and
freight trucks that travel through the community daily.

Despite this, a garbage company (American Marine Rail or
A.M.R.) plans to build a 5000-ton per day facility on the
Hunts Point Waterfront.  The Department of Environmental
Conservation has approved the proposal.

There are a number of environmentally significant problems -
including the fact that A.M.R. proposes to build a
rail-to-freight system of handling the garbage - which is
logistically infeasible.  The impact of an additional
garbage station in this oversaturated neighborhood has
devastating effects on the East and Bronx Rivers, as well as
on community residents and children.  This is a clear
example of environmental discrimination against a poor,
community of color.

AND ALL OF NEW YORK CITY To Demand Environmental Justice for ALL!

For more information, call Brielle, Kasheem or Majora at The
Point CDC: 718-542-4139 or contact Timothy or Eddie at the
Organization of Waterfront Neighborhoods: 212-239-8882 and