John Katz, novelist, journalist and media scholar
mentioned at a recent MIT media forum that the general
media described the 50,000 who attended the WTO rally
in terms of a dozen anarchists dressed for the amusement
of television audiences.


But, as this "leaked memo" suggests, the WTO rally was
comprised of many groups, some quite mainstream --

Did anyone hear about this memo via "traditional sources?"
"Nightly News?"

Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 21:59:54 -0800 To:
[log in to unmask], [log in to unmask] From:
CyberBrook <[log in to unmask]> Subject: Activist web sites/'Guide
to the Seattle Meltdown'

Published on Friday, March 10, 2000

Leaked Memo: 'Guide to the Seattle Meltdown' Lobbyists Warn Corporate
America Of Growing Power Of Citizen's Movement =20 Editors Note: Doug
Henwood, of the Left Business Observer, spoke with Gardner Peckham on
March 9th who confirmed the authenticity of this leaked memo.

Black * Kelly * Scruggs & Healy ----------------------------- A Burson
* Marsteller Company 1801 K Street, N.W. * Suite 901-L Washington,
D.C. 20006-1201 202.530.0500 * 202.530.4800

January 14, 2000

Dear [Corporate Client]:

Enclosed is our "Guide to the Seattle Meltdown: A Compendium of
Activists at the WTO Ministerial". The "Guide" is a comprehensive
listing of the activist groups which protested against the WTO
Ministerial in Seattle this past November. It lists the groups and
their leaders we were able to identify, descriptions of their ethos
(largely in their own words), as well as web site addresses and other
useful information. We wanted to share this "Guide" with you, not so
much as a retrospective on the past, but as an alarming window on the

The spectacle created in Seattle during the WTO Ministerial meeting by
a diverse collection of activists may have significant short-term
ramifications for the business community. The perceived success of
these groups in disrupting Seattle and in contributing to the failure
of the WTO meeting will be a dramatic boon to them in several ways.
First, their victory and heightened visibility will lead to
substantially enhanced fundraising capability. Second, the smell of
victory will lead to a deepening of already existing coalitions and
will strengthen the recognition that broadening such coalitions to
include non-traditional allies exponentially increases effectiveness.
Third, the Presidential election campaign and several likely trade
votes in Congress this year will give activists golden opportunities
to seek wider recognition and gain additional strength. These high
profile battles will allow activists to further institutionalize and
consolidate their gains, increase coordination, gamier greater media
attention and expand their targeting of business interests.

What is less understood -- but perhaps more significant -- is the
potential ability of the emerging coalition of these groups to
seriously impact broader, longer-term corporate interests. Seattle was
not an anomaly and the consistent anti-corporate message of virtually
all the groups who participated there in November is not a temporary
phenomenon. Many have traditionally highlighted alleged corporate
misconduct in mass mail fund raising

campaigns. More recently, some environmental groups have resorted to
targeting corporations for contributions in return for suspending
their public ire.

At Black, Kelly, Scruggs & Healey, we have developed a capability
direction of these groups, as well as to defend clients against their
attacks. I hope you find the enclosed "Guide" useful and if you have
any questions, please call me at: (202) 530-4805.


Gardner G. Peckham Managing Director

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -=20

Guide to the Seattle Meltdown: A Compendium of Activists at the WTO

"Many of the groups that helped organize the anti-WTO victories in
Seattle are already preparing for days of protest, education,
training, and direct action during the week of April 9-16 in
Washington. The week begins on Sunday, April 9th with a Jubilee
2000/USA mobilization for cancellation of the debts of African, Latin
American, Asia-Pacific, and Caribbean countries, and continuing with
teach-ins and trainings on the global economy. It will culminate with
a massive rally at IMF Headquarters on Sunday, April 16th 2000." - 50
Years is Enough web site

"Leaders of the peaceful demonstrations have lashed out at the
anarchists, accusing them of undermining their anti-globalism message
by breaking windows and destroying property. The anarchists in turn
accused the Seattle protesters of protecting the same private-property
interests that the WTO represents." - The Los Angeles Times

"...the coalition [of labor, environmental and human rights groups
that took to the streets in Seattle to protest the WTO] said that they
will flood over 100 key congressional offices with phone calls and
letters and march on Washington this Spring to prevent passage of NTR
for China." - National Journal's Congress Daily

1) Abya Yala Fund Alicia Canaviri,
President-, Nilo Cayuqueo, Director

"Fosters greater self-reliance by indigenous peoples through support
of struggles to protect homelands, natural environment and human
rights, to improve health care, to address domestic legislation and
international laws, to obtain access to communications media to
improve the conditions and status of women, to increase economic
security, and to revitalize cultural and spiritual traditions. "The
group's focus is on providing training, grants and technical
assistance for self-development projects that originate in, and are
controlled by, indigenous communities and organizations in Central and
South America - not on

anti-WTO advocacy. The web site provides links to the sites of other
indigenous groups as well as sites about anti-globalization and ending
corporate Governance.


Action for Solidarity, Equality, Environment and Development. "A
global and diverse action network focusing on a broad range of issues,
A SEED plays a critical role in involving young people in the
struggles against ecological destruction and social injustice." They
advocate the use of public opposition to stop the WTO in the same
manner that it was used to block the " . . . the corporate-driven MAI
[multilateral agreement on investment] agreement. " The web site
presents many campaigns and publications and links to other activist
organizations. The group claims that more than 700 organizations
worldwide have signed its on-line petition against the WTO and are
associated with

3) AFL-CIO John Sweeney, President; Linda
Chavez-Thompson, Exec. Vice-President

"A voluntary federation of 68 national and international labor unions
that include 13 million working women and men and which espouses a
strong political voice for improving the lives of working families. "
The web site contains plenty of information about the WTO, including a
blueprint for reforming it. The group plans to keep pressure on
Congress and the government against the WTO, the Caribbean Basin
Initiative, and normalized trade relations (NTR) with China. The group
is large, very well organized, and headquartered in DC The web site
provides many links to the sites of other labor unions, organizations,
constituency groups, the government, and media. Issues of interest to
the group include: environmental protection, debt relief, poverty
alleviation, and investment policy reforms.

4) Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment Tracy Katelman
(activist, also part of the Trees Foundation)

5) Amazon Watch Lucy Braham, WTO contact; Mark
Westlund, U'wa defense working group contact=20

"Works with indigenous and environmental organizations in the Amazon
Basin to defend the environment and advance indigenous peoples' rights
in the face of large-scale industrial development (oil and gas
pipelines, power lines, roads, and other mega-projects)." The group is
currently focusing on Venezuela, Bolivia/Brazil (against the Overseas
Private Investment Corporation), and Colombia. It is a major opponent
of Occidental Petroleum's drilling on "U'wa traditional land," and on
that issue are very vocal and organized.

6) Anarchist Action Collective Marshall Kirkpatrick, contact

Based out of Eugene, Oregon, the anarchists state, "Fight back and
don't get caught ...sacking the WTO is just a start. "

7) Black Army Faction and Black Clad Messengers John Zerzan, contact

Another militant anarchist group based out of Eugene. Oregon. The
group advocates property destruction (against private property) and
some of its members were responsible for much of the damage in
Seattle. Zerzan has authored and edited books and essays promoting
"anarcho-primitivism." He has also participated in speeches, lectures,
radio talk shows and 60 Minutes.

8) Chinese Activist Groups

Wei Jingsheng, leading Chinese democracy activist and Fellow at
Columbia University's Center for the Study of Human Rights Wei says
that, "WTO entry for China will either re-enforce the existing system
of manipulation and corruption, or result in chaos, providing no one
with a safe, sound, or fair environment for trade. "

9) Christian Aid Alex Milner (spokeswoman)

An organization of British and Irish churches, engaged in relief work
in more than 60 countries to Improve lives and tackle the causes of
poverty and injustice". It consists of 3,500 committees around the UK
and Ireland. They have links to church groups, and organizations
associated with the environment, free trade, and free speech.

1O) CISPES Jili Dowling, New York contact

Committee In Solidarity With the People of El Salvador. "This year we
have committed to raising $50,000 of material aid to help build a
stronger labor movement and to organize maquila workers in El
Salvador. For two years, CISPES has funded the monthly salaries of
FMLAR organizers in communities with minimal resources. This material
aid contributed to the party's electoral breakthrough in 1997.- the
FMLN won the elections in seven of the eight municipalities where the
grassroots organizers were funded" This group appears very large, as
it has a monthly newsletter and offices across the U.S.. in addition
to being affiliated with many other activist groups.

11) Citizens Trade Campaign Scott Nova, Director

This umbrella coalition is targeting 100 legislators, focusing on two
key issues: 1) Opposition to permanent NTR; and 2) A campaign to "fix
or nix" the WTO. It supports an annual review of NTR status for China.

12) Consumers International

Julian Edwards, Director General

"A global federation consisting of some 250 consumer organizations in
111 countries sent over 30 delegates from all over the world to
Seattle. They call for a review of the existing agreements and their
implementation before the WTO undertakes rapid liberalization. They
support the continuation of attempts to resolve trade policy issues in
Geneva but insist they must be met by improved transparency in the
operation of the WTO and involvement in civil society. Edwards was one
of the few NGO leaders asked to speak at the Ministerial. " The web
site contains trade briefing papers and extensive campaign
information. The group regularly monitors various governments'
positions regarding the WTO. The group is based out of London and
sponsors the annual World Consumers Rights Day on March 1-5.

13) Direct Action Network Hillary McQuie, contact

"A network of local grassroots organizations and street theater groups
who are mobilizing communities to creatively resist the WTO and
corporate globalization. Want a new world of free and ecological
society based on mutual aid and voluntary cooperation to replace the
current social order."

The network appears very organized. For example, it sold "Resist the
WTO" paraphernalia and even offered maps of downtown Seattle last
November-The group cosponsored the Seattle protests with Global
Exchange, RAN, Ruckus Society, Project Underground, National Lawyers
Guild, Mexico Solidarity Project, 50 Years is Enough, CISPES, Green
Party (Seattle), Earth First (Seattle), and many more. The site
provides links to many web sites.

14) Earth Justice Legal Defense Fund Patti
Goldman, lawyer

"The law firm for the environment " A 501 (c) (3) organization
established in 1971, it has represented more than 500 clients
(national and international) at no cost, many of which are listed in
this document. The group is currently representing the Sierra Club
against the WTO for not protecting the sea turtle. It also represents
Public Citizen in support of the EU's right to ban the import of meat
containing potentially harmful additives. 'Me group has an office in
Washington, DC

15) 50 Years is Enough Njoki Njoroge Njeheu, Director

"US Network for Global Economic Justice is a coalition of 205
grassroots faith-based, policy, women's, social and economic justice,
youth, solidarity, labor, and development organizations dedicated to
the profound transformation of the World Bank and the IMF."=20

Based in Washington, DC, the group organized the IMF demonstration in
September 1999. The group does not seem very large, but it does
receive some press coverage and collaborates with other activists.
Njeheu was a participant at the follow-up seminar in Washington, DC
last December on where the activists can go with the Seattle momentum.

16) FOCUS on the Global South=20 Walden Bello,
Executive Director; Aileen Kwa, WTO contact

"A program of progressive development policy research and practice,
dedicated to regional and global policy analysis, micro-macro linking
and advocacy work FOCUS works with NGOs and people's organizations in
Asia Pacific and other regions. " The group has a small staff, but has
many other sister organizations such as Third World Network. Bello has
authored many books and is often published in international
newspapers. The organization is based out of the Philippines.

17) French Peasants Confederation Jose Bove, Leader

Bove is a French goat farmer who tore up a McDonald's restaurant with
a tractor to protest U.S. trade sanctions on Rocquefort cheese. His
group claims to have 40,000 members.

18) Friends of the Earth Brent Blackwelder, President;
Andrea Durbin, Director, international programs

"... a national environmental organization dedicated to preserving the
health and diversity of the planet for future generations. The largest
international environmental network in the world with affiliates in 63
countries ... are already planning for the longer term [beyond

The group has endorsed Bill Bradley for President. It states that it
is not opposed to the idea of WTO, but believes the rules need to be
changed (i.e. more environmental standards). The group also believes
in maintaining tariffs on forest products and is against biotechnology
and OPIC.

19) Global Exchange Kevin Danahar, Co-Founder;
Medea Benjamin, Co-Founder

"A non-profit research, education, and action center dedicated to
promoting people-to-people ties around the world. Working with Fair
Traders across North America and throughout the world to increase
awareness of Fair Trade issues and to translate that awareness into
consumer activism in the global marketplace. Part of the Fair Trade
Federation, an association of producers, wholesalers, and retailers,
that is launching a major consumer education campaign in the U.S. The
challenge is to make fair trade and corporate globalization an issue
in electoral campaigns, especially in the upcoming presidential race.
Another goal is to block congressional approval of China's entry into

WTO." The group advocates normal relations with Cuba, and is critical
of the IMF, World Bank, NAFTA, MAI, the African Growth and Opportunity
Act, and the WTO. The group appears very well organized and its web
site contains many links to other organizations.

20) Greenpeace Kristen Engberg, Executive Director

This group has offices in more than 40 countries and claims to have
more than 2.4 million supporters worldwide. Its web site contains
links to numerous environmental organizations. Among the group's major
issues are:

Bio-diversity of oceans and forests, climate change, nuclear power,
toxic pollution, genetic engineering and ocean dumping.

21) Humane Society Patricia Forkan, Executive Director

This group plans to begin an effort to collect 2001 signatures by the
end of 2001 calling on all governments to stop the WTO from
interfering with national environmental and health safety laws. Its
web site offers educational publications, public-awareness campaigns,
and activist alerts. It is an international and well-known group with
headquarters in DC Among its major issues are: Dolphin and sea turtle
conservation laws and hormone-treated beef.

22) Indigenous Environmental Network
Tom Goldtooth, coordinator

"Coalition of grassroots Native organizations provides national,
regional, local, advocacy on indigenous grassroots and tribal issues
concerning environmental protection, natural resource management, and
environmental health issues. Speak for themselves and are not
represented by environmental groups. Indigenous environmentalists have
received a mixed response on the federal level. " The coalition is in
contact with the media and appears well organized. It has a U'wa
Defense Working Group Action Alert on its web site, as well as links
to many other WTO protest groups and indigenous groups. Its WTO link

23) Indigenous Peoples' Network for Policy Research and Education
Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, Philippines

24) Institute for Local Self-Reliance Neil Seldman,
President; David Morris, Vice President

"Since 1974, ILSR has been dedicated to helping a broad range of
citizens - including grassroots community groups, government leaders,
and business entrepreneurs - develop and implement environmentally
sound economic development strategies. Through research, policy
initiatives, coalition building, and technical assistance, they lay
the groundwork for developing humanity-scaled, sustainable economic
systems. " Morris is the author of many

publications and has a regular column in the St. Paul Pioneer Press.
The group's national headquarters is in DC

25) lAMAW R.Thomas Buffenbarger, International President

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers.
Professes the need to incorporate internationally recognized labor
standards into the rules of the WTO. The IAM will lead the fight for
fair trade that includes basic, fundamental human and labor rights. "
IAMAW is a large union with more than 535,000 members in the U.S.,
Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Panama Canal Zone. It has recently
merged with UAW and USWA and is affiliated with many other
organizations such as: AFL-CIO, Canadian Labour Congress, Railway
Labor Executives' Association, International Labor Organization,
International Metalworkers Federation, and International Transport
Workers' Federation. The organization has its headquarters in
Washington, DC The IAM cable TV network has, " . . . more than 60
cable TV public access channels airing the 10-part series Working in
America. The latest to join the IAM network is the Prince Georges
County Cable TV System in Largo, Maryland".

26) International Brotherhood of Teamsters=20 James
P. Hoffa, President

This organization is one of the largest labor unions, with 1.4 million
members in the U.S. and Canada. It is committed to defeating MFN and
is planning to lobby Congress and the government extensively against
the WTO. The organization is headquartered in Washington, DC

27) ICFTU Bill Jordan, General Secretary

The International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, "has 214
affiliated organizations in 143 countries, cooperates with the
International Labor Organization and the UN, in addition to having
contacts with the WTO, World Bank and IMF". Some of the organization's
issues are: Employment and international labor standards, tackling the
multinationals, trade union rights, equality, race and migrants, trade
union organization and recruitment. The organization offered a 30-page
WTO strategy on its web site.

28) International Forum on Globalization Jerry Mander, Director;
Victor Mcnotti, Dir. Environment Program

"Founded in 1994 of over sixty activists, scholars, economists,
researchers, and writers formed to stimulate new thinking, joint
activity, and public education in response to economic globalization
Most of us view the process of globalization as the most extreme
restructuring of the planet's social, economic and political
arrangements since the Industrial Revolution, bringing with it
profound effects on human life and the natural world " The group

believes the WTO is " . . . one of the world's most powerful,
secretive, undemocratic and dangerous bodies that weakens democracy".
The group's web site offers publications and teach-ins against the WTO
and has links to the sites of many other activists groups listed here.

29) NO2WTO

An apparently well-organized anonymous group of radical anarchists
opposed to the WTO and capitalism. It organized a massive
demonstration in Seattle last November and coordinated many other
activists around the world during the same time. The group's various
corporate targets include: Bank of America, U.S. Bancorp, Key Bank and
Washington Mutual Bank, Old Navy, Banana Republic and the GAP,
NikeTown and Levi's, McDonald's, Starbucks, Warner Bros., Planet
Hollywood, and Fidelity Investments (" ...major investment in
Occidental Petroleum, the bane of the U'wa tribe in Colombia"). They
are now planning a four-day worldwide general strike against
capitalism on May 1, 2000 to be held across the city of London.

30) National Labor Committee Charles Kemaghan,
Executive Director

"A human rights advocacy group, dedicated to promoting and defending
the rights of workers. Through establishing long standing working
relationships with non-governmental, human rights, labor and religious
organizations, primarily in Latin America, the NLC puts a human face
on the global economy. The NLC educates and actively involves the
public in actions aimed at ending labor abuses, improving living
conditions for workers and their families and promoting the concept of
a living wage and true independent monitoring." The group targets
large corporations such as The Gap, Nike, Liz Claiborne, Wal-Mart,
etc. "A crowded cluttered bunch of offices in the Garment District
consisting of 6 people, direct a militant, low-budget, much-criticized
campaign against the use of sweatshop War by large companies." -The
New York Times

31) National Lawyer's Guild Steve Goldberg, Chair,
International Committee

"An association dedicated to the need for basic change in the
structure of our political and economic system. Aim to bring together
all those who recognize the importance of safeguarding the rights of
workers, women, farmers, and minority groups." The group provided
legal materials to the WTO activists in Seattle last November. Its web
site has links to the government, legal groups and associations.

32) Oxfam International

Penny Fowler, member

"An international group of 11 autonomous non-governmental
organizations sharing the commitment of working for an end to the
waste and injustice of poverty as well as debt relief Works primarily
through local organizations in more than 100 countries. The WTO needs
radical institutional reforms in order to remain credible as a
multilateral organization" The group has a small staff of four in
Washington, DC that lobbies international institutions and claims to
have influenced House Banking Committee Chair Jim Leach and
Congressman John LaFalce.

33) People for Free Trade Jeremy Simer, contact

"A voluntary net-work of individual people, churches and other
organizations in Victoria and Tasmania committed to fair trade with
producers of goods, through the support of education and alternative
trade." This group is very interested in selling tea and coffee in Sri
Lanka and Papua New Guinea. It has links to other fair trade advocacy

34) People's Decade for Human Rights Education Malina
Mehra, Director; Peter Leuprecht, President; Shulamith Koenig, Founder

"Develop and advance pedagogics for human rights education relevant to
people's daily lives in the context of their struggles for social and
economic justice and democracy." This group is pivotal in lobbying the
United Nations and has many influential endorsers and advisors,
including former President Jimmy Carter.

35) Peoples' Global Action

"A gathering of peoples' movements fighting corporate globalization."

This group organized a caravan of about two dozen international
activists to protest the WTO in Seattle.

36) Project Underground Danny Kennedy, Director, Steve
Kretzmann, Oil Campaigner

This is a non-profit organization in Berkeley, CA that supports
communities "threatened" by the mineral industries. "Working at the
nexus of the environmental, human rights, and indigenous movements,
they are redefining proactive public interest solidarity work for the
21st century." The group was contracted to work in defense of the U'wa
Indians against Occidental Petroleum. Colleague and fellow activist,
Terry Freitas, was murdered by Colombian rebels. The group appears to
be very well organized and respected. It has been described by The
Financial Times as "a pressure group." Its web site offers many links
to sites of activists, companies, governments and associations.

37) Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch=20

Joan Claybrook, President; Lori Wallach, Director; Ralph Nader,

"Fights for international trade and investment policies promoting
government and corporate accountability, consumer health and safety,
and environmental protection through research lobbying, public
education and the media." Among the group's issues are: The WTO, Fast
Track, AGOA, CBI, NAFTA, China and MAI.

38) Rainforest Action Network=20 Randy Hayes, President
and Founder

"Works to protect the Earth's rainforests and support the rights of
their inhabitants through education, grassroots organizing, and
non-violent direct action. " The group claims to have 25,000 active
members working with environmental and human rights groups in 60
countries. This group is working to stop "destructive' fossil fuel
development by Shell Oil on U'wa homeland in Colombia.

39) Ruckus Society John Sellers, Director, Han Shan,
WTO coordinator

"A non-profit California corporation organized in 1995 to provide
training in the skills of non-violent civil disobedience and direct
action to help environmental and human rights organizations achieve
their goals- "The group's action-camp cosponsors include:
International Campaign for Tibet, Project Underground, RAN, RFK
Center, Friends of the Earth and Native Forest Network. The society
does not necessarily advocate issues, it provides training and support
to those who do. Ruckus activities have been covered and featured by
media worldwide.

40) Sheet Metal Workers Union
Michael J. Sullivan, President; Vincent A. Panvini, Director of
Government Affairs

The union consists of 140,000 members in 200 affiliated local unions
in the U.S. and Canada. The headquarters are in Washington, DC

41) Sierra Club=20 Carl Pope, Executive Director

The group's stated mission: "To explore, enjoy, and protect the wild
places of the earth, to practice and promote the responsible use of
the earth's ecosystems and resources, to educate and enlist humanity
to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human
environments." The group's web site contains a "Vote Watch",
newsletters, daily updates, and a magazine.

42) Sierra Club's Responsible Trade Program
Dan Seligman, Director

This group's issues include: Forests, invasive species, rainforests,
sea turtles, food safety, no NAFTA or MAI for Africa. It is located in
Washington, DC and its officials have testified before Congress. Its
web site features many books and links to many organizations listed in

this document, in addition to: (a progressive
populist radio commentator), (The Preamble
Center) and

43) Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice Richard
Moore, contact

This group represents low-income, rural minorities. "Objects to the
sweeping powers of the WTO to over-ride the laws of nations, states,
and tribes." The group states that it wants fair trade and "... a WTO
with principles."

44) Third World Network Martin
Khor, Director

"An independent non-profit international network of organizations and
individuals involved in issues relating to development, the Third
World and North-South issues. They represents southern interests and
perspectives at international forum such as the UN conferences and
processes." The group's issues include: The WTO, UTNCTAD,
biotechnology, biodiversity, the environment, human rights, gender
issues, health, agriculture, UN/peace and security, economics, and
third world resurgence.

45) UNITE Ann Hoffman, Legislative Director Chris
Chafe, Political Action contact Union of Needle Traders, Industrial
and Textile Employees.=20

"Has fought aggressively for workers' rights, against sweatshops, and
against corporate greed " This union represents workers in the U.S.,
Canada and Puerto Rico. UNITE is against the WTO and has started
telephoning members of Congress opposing permanent NTR status for
China, and CBI (has said it will try to "kill" the bill in 2000). The
web site has links to the AFL-CIO and Congressional sites. The union
appears very organized and offers extensive information on how workers
can mobilize to lobby Congress.

46) United Automobile Workers Steve Yokich, President

This group states that it stands for justice for working people. It
has an extensive web site devoted to contacting members of Congress.
The union has joined forces with the Steelworkers and Machinists
unions. It is against MAI, the WTO and MFN.

47) United Farmworkers of America Rudy Arredondo,
Manager in Washington, DC

This group advocates "... bringing justice to farm workers". The group
seems to be relatively organized. Its web site provides information on
how to lobby Congress as well as many links to labor unions, the
government, media, contract companies and Hispanic groups.

48) United Steelworkers of America

George Becker, President

"Represents over 700, 000 workers in the U.S. and Canada. One of the
most diversified and effective unions in the nation." The union states
that it will continue to challenge the WTO and supports an annual
review of NTR status for China instead of a permanent one. It has
recently merged with IAM and UAW. Its web site includes information on
how to contact members of Congress.

49) United Students Against Sweatshops=20 Eric Brakken, organizer

"An international coalition devoted to stopping sweatshop labor.
Demand that their universities take responsibility for the conditions
under which their licensed apparel is made by adopting Codes of
Conduct to regulate the behavior of their manufacturers." The group
works to raise awareness about sweatshops on college campuses across
the U.S.

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