I am aware of two groups using pictures in their application. Sally McCay
at UVM Photo scans their contact sheets, stores their jpg files and
attaches them to records in their Approach application.  Doug Little at
Risk Management has a small database of UVM's tractors and includes
digitized pictures of the machines.

Pictures in Approach are a bit mysterious compared with conventional data.
You have two basic options. One is to add them to the database via EDIT
PICTURE IMPORT. This actually makes a copy of the image file and stores it
in the database (I expect it stores it in the same file where MEMO fields
are kept (DBT). This is fine if you don't mind having a database that could
grow quite big as image files can be large.

A second option leaves the image file where ever it is stored and
establishes a link to the location.  This takes a bit of planning and
involves a few hoops to jump through. First the PicturePlus field has to be
defined with the option to enable OLE objects. When this is done, you click
on the PicturePlus field then navigate to the picture. You select the
picture do an EDIT COPY then return to Approach and select EDIT PASTE
SPECIAL. A dialog opens and allows you to select paste or Paste link.  If
you select Paste Link the file is NOT copied to the database but is linked
to the location.

There are some other issues relating to that types of OLE capable software
that you have on your system that is specific to your local machine that is
probably best discussed individually.

Sorry for the LOOOOOOOONG response but it sometimes takes longer to say
than do.



At 12:35 PM 4/13/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi folks --
>At the Fleming Museum, we are just barely starting to experiment with
>digital images and their attachment to our database.  Obviously we are in
>the very, very early stages on this.  Is anyone else
>thinking/experimenting/accomplishing this?
>Thanks for any comments -- I just want to get a sense of what other people
>are doing.
>--margaret t
Doug Varney

University of Vermont
Client Services -CIT