Hello all,

After an amazingly clean campaign, with hardly any negative advertising,
here are the officers for next year:

-Caitlin Coughlin  will fulfill all her campaign promises as President.
-Nathan Roberts (as running mate) was elected to be Vice president.
-Bridget Zurn will hold the offices of both Secretary & Treasurer. We're
all quite confident she can handle the pressure.
-Vitaliy (Will) Buben will spiff up our PR as resident Webmaster.

We have lots of great things in store for the CSSA in the coming year, and
of course we are open to suggestion for things to make happen.

Meanwhile, Iain will keep you posted on exact particulars of our frisbee
saturday, which has been pinned on the Saturday after this one (the one
between exam dates), won't you Iain?  :)


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