There is a statement in the new medicare guidelines for supervision and
accreditation of labs in Calif. but it is a recommendation only. It lists
the ARDMS, CCI, and ACR for personnel but only listed the ICAVL and ICAEL
for the labs. The ACR does lab accreditation also, so as not to have a
monopoly (ie Bill Gates)I believe if Medicare does require accreditation
then we have to have choices of institution, especially if there is a
considerable cost.
For those states that have that as a requirement, is there a clear choice?
On another note:
Those in California--When doing LE arterial exams. Do you always go into the
belly-ie: iliacs and AO or do you have reason, ie: decrease thigh indices,
decrease CFA waveforms/signals.  The medicare guidelines do say that there
should be reason to do Ao scan.  Some think that if a patient cannot be
exercised and even if the segmentals and leg scan are negative or show mild
diffuse material, just because you can't exercise the patient you should
image the AO iliacs and charge for the Abd scan.No other indication or
except "blue toe syndrome".
When billing abd scan of just Ao and Iliacs are you billing 93975-26?
Just for my reconfirmation: 93975-26 is for vessels only of abd and
93978-26 is for vessels/grafts (ie AAA grafts), yes?  Your comments are
welcome. 93975 and 93978 wouldn't be used together for a AAA recheck would

Thank you in advance for your comments.

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There is one going into effect August 4th (originally September 4) in
Texas.  For reference information you may contact me at my e-mail address.
The latest Medicare Newsletter speaks to the issue.  No certain of how the
federal regulation interacts with each states regulation.  Will continue to

Charlotte Weltjen wrote:

> Is there a new requirement going into effect August 2000 for RVT or lab
> accreditation for regions including Arizona?  I saw the new Part B
> recommendations which are to go into effect May 1,