Yes Connie, the ICAVL recognizes both credentials.  Several years ago the
American College of Cardiology (one of ICAVL's sponsoring organizations) did
an in depth review of both exams.  One of the reviewers happened to be an
ICAVL board member at the time and agreed with his colleagues that the CCI
exam was a valid one.  Sandy

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Subject: Re: Vascular Exam with CCI

It is my understanding that ICAVL will recognize both ARDMS and CCI to
any perception of a monopoly by ARDMS.

Connie McCoy

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different organizations may have different motivations for offering
examinations to ultrasound professionals.  ultimately, it is the individuals
in the field who determine which credential is the preferred credential.
what if an organization offered an examination and no one sat for the
exam...the credential would not be around for very long!

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Why do we have 2 and I hear soon to be 3 organizations involved in the
credentialing of vascular and cardiac sonographers?  Also, why do we have so
many organizations supposedly representing our interests - are their
professional and medical differences or is it all just politics?

"Gallupe, Carol Jean" wrote:

> As someone that took 3 of the different cardiac exams through CCI, I must
> say I do not think so highly of them.  They are constantly changing their
> minds about requirements and making people retake the exams.  If you look
> at other associations ARDMS, Respiratory and Nursing, etc.  you will not
> the same thing happening.  It got to be a joke with some of the
> Cardiologists.
> Unfortunately for cardiac they are the game in town even though management
> is not impressed with them either.
> When I worked for a group of Vascular Surgeons they did not recognize CCI
> for Vascular and would only recognize ARDMS for the RVT credential.
> After what I went through with CCI I was just as glad to go with another
> company.
> Because of their ethics I am more proud to call myself a RVT than my
> credentials all rolled together.
> Carol J. Gallupe RVT
> EMMC Bangor ME