Someone mentioned something about a "nurse" that "if you did not document it
it did not happen" - does that mean then if the nurse did a blood pressure
and wrote it down that did not happen either?  Although I record primarily
on color paper.  Approximately 10 prints (4 on 1 Sony prints)- that is 40
images for a carotid examination ($9.80) - we do document the entire vessel
and all waveforms.  If we miss one we can go back and reprint it from the
hard-drive. Additionally we complete a detailed worksheet that includes all
of the data and illustrations and this is stored with the images in the
chart. It is costly and we do plan to go electronic as soon as possible.
Video is cheaper and faster however as far as missing an image - it is no
different with a video tape. Either you scanned it or you did not.  I am an
old dog too and I video taped for many many years.  The reasons we started
hard copy documentation is not only because the vascular surgeons did not
like reviewing the tapes, but because information was missing frequently.
For example, someone would forget to push the record button or they pushed
the record button but the tape was at the end or the next person backed up
the tape partially over your study and inadvertantly imaged over it, or
someone forgot to label the tape and it was recorded over, the tape got
stuck in the VCR and was eaten alive,  and a multitude of other things. Talk
about a legal problem.  You are right if it is not documented it did not
happen.  bj

Bonnie L. Johnson RDMS, RVT, FSVT
Stanford Medical Center
Director, Vascular Laboratory Services
Division of Vascular Surgery
Stanford, CA

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We video tape for backup and color hardcopies are
always made, physcians read off of the color
hardcopies and the tapes are there if there are any
questions or legal problems.

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> How many of you are still videotaping in addition to
> printing hard copy for the chart?

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