I have both RVT and rvs credentials. I studied for two years straight, day
and night, at dinner parties, at my billiards league championship series,
everywhere and anytime. In 1990 I took and past the RVT exam. I still had a
lot to learn but I had proven that I had the minimum entry level requirements
to be an RVT. In 1995, in order to understand the CCI test and to review the
content of the test, I took the RCVT in non-invasive vascular technology. I
didn't crack a book (due to lack of time) and took and past the exam. Not
only did I pass, I had like 95% correct...did I mention that I didn't crack a

I am by no means the smartest man in the world (just ask my boss) and I do
not think that I have a photographic memory and everything stuck from
studying for the RVT 5-7 years earlier. I did not have to take the general
science exam because of my RVT; may be that is where the really tough
questions were.

RCVT is the credential to have in invasive cardiology and is respected in
many echo labs. I feel that if you are already registered RVT you might
consider taking the rvs test, but not as the easy way out. As far as there
being more than one registry or laboratory accreditation so that there is not
a monopoly created, is there more than one RT credential or more than one
accreditation for mammography? I think that when you take the easy way out,
and display those credentials, people know that you have taken the easy way
out. If you are pressured by your employer to get a credential, then by all
means take the easy one and then study for the RVT.

Just my opinion, I may be wrong.


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> I have 2 credentials from ARDMS and after taking exam with CCI it is my
>  feeling that
>  CCI is the true not for profit organization. And if you are talking about
>  validity
>  I konw several people they have ARDMS credential and they can not even scan
>  why  you have to take two exams with ARDMS all this is just money thing
>  My hospital is getting Accredetation based on my credential and I dont
>  that
>  I know less then any body . I am an intructor at George Washington
> University
>  Your credential dose not preove any thing it is you who has to know what
>  are doing
>  you can earn these credentials only by taking Edelman's courses .