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<< Hi Tony,
 SDMS does not offer CEU's, only CME's. Perhaps the student is stating
 something wrong if they mentioned CEU's and maybe wrong about the SDMS part
 also. I think perhaps the first thing you should do is contact the
 college......don't you agree? It doesn't quite make sense that a student
 should earn any CME or CEU's. What education are they continuing? The one
 they are currently learning? It's sort of hard to continue and education
 that you haven't completed.  Also you stated 32 credits for ARDMS every
 three years, it is actually 30 credits every 3 years on a rolling triennium

 Kelly Estes RDMS, RDCS, RVT >>


CEU, CME, what is the difference? The point is they are requiring students to
earn 32 in 2 years.  If the ARDMS only requires 30 every 3 years, we have
another problem.  See, our licensure bill has to include a CEU/CME
requirement, and CCI requires 36 every 3 years. So which do you think we
should use for echo?  If we only require 30 every 3 years like the ARDMS,
then the registrants with CCI will fall short. Thus giving the impression we
are lowering the standard. And if we require the registrants that hold the
ARDMS to earn 36 every 3 years, then they will complain about the add

What shall we do?