> You wrote:
> "I am interested in the number of studies being done daily by vascular
techs.  We are trying to justify a need for more techs in our vascular lab"

We TRY to schedule an hour per study at our facility.  We do all our
in-patients portably, so that adds to our exam time.  Our techs work 8 and
1/2 hours per day, so we schedule 7 to 8 patients for each tech.  This
usually allows us to get lunch and complete all the necessary paperwork
before it is time to clock out.  I say usually, because as you all know
STAT venous studies will most commonly occur just when you think you will
be gettin out on time!  All our techs are cross trained to do both echo and
vascular studies, and have a mix of study types throughout the day.

We currently have a full-time job opening at our facility if anyone is
interested in working in the Richmond area.  As noted above, candidates
will be expected to perform both cardiac and vascular ultrasounds.  We will
be willing to crosstrain a motivated, appropriate candidate in one of the
ultrasound specialties as long as he/she is seasoned in the other
specialty.  The job is Monday through Friday.  Call is one weeknight per
week, and one weekend per month.  Interested parties can contact me at the
number below.

Carol Miranda
Healthsouth Medical Center
Richmond, VA