Bill Johnson, Dunmore, Pa

Dr. Holtz,

I for one, am impressed with your attitude regarding reading vascular
studies.  I have worked for some surgeons that disregard the videos, pay
little attention, or give only "lip" service.  But the video documents what I
am finding, and what they need to know to make a diagnosis.  Since I am not
licensed to commit diagnosis, I always appreciate full oversight.  I thank
you for your statement to the Flownet, on behalf of lots of us "video"
cameramen and women.

The essence of what we do is in the dynamic nature of what we study.  I know
I can document much of what I do with a couple of images.  But then again,
And, working with Surgeons, being there is often out of the question.  If the
video supports my views, it is as close to "being there" as possible.  Did I
angle correct correctly?  Is there pathology I missed?  Is my interpretation
of the images I see consistent with the symptomology?  Did I answer the
clinical questions?  Does my interpreting physician agree with my findings,
or is there another possible interpretation?  I could make 24 or 104 images
and not describe the situation in the way I can on video tape.

Thanks for looking at the tape.

Peace and understanding,