We do ultrasound imaging of the bypass along with a PVR waveform and segmental pressures.  We usually obtain pressures and waveforms bilaterally and at more than one level.  We charge for a limited duplex study, 93926, if we only scan one leg.  We charge for a multi-level physiologic study, 93923.  We haven't had trouble getting paid for both studies.  I have had to speak to various carriers through the years but they usually understand the justification for the two studies.

Ann Marie Kupinski
Karmody Vascular Laboratory
Albany, NY

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Hi, Was talking with a colleaque and a question arose about the routine post-op
follow up of lower extremity bypass. It would seem that imaging has become
pretty much the standard along with an ABI. (I am talking about obtaining
waveforms at the ankle here in addition to obtaining the pressure.) Our question
was, how many of you charge for the physiologic component in addition to the
duplex charge? Those that charge for both, any problems with payment?? Thanks.

Bill Schroedter