I thought that maybe a better way to find out what the salary is in a specific region is to find out what the public hospitals in a region pay their vascular technologists.  This is public information and should be readily accessible by calling the personnel department or going to that department.  Some of them have this information for display on the web.  Hopefully these institutions will raise the standard for us.  The University of Washington Medical Center did raise the standard in Seattle in 1998.  (Thanks to the persistence and hard work of Dr. Strandness and his vascular technologists).

The University of Washington Medical Center's salary range is as follows (as of today) - 

Staff Vascular Technologist 

Monthly - $3353 to $4521
Yearly - $40,236 to 54,252
Hourly - $19.34 to $26.08

It would be nice if other flownetters in different regions could find out this information from their public university medical centers and post these on the flownet.

Ajay Zachariah, RVT
Spencer Vascular Diagnostic Services