What a weekend!  First, a powder morning at MRG on Saturday (where I
seemed to miss all the Green plaid in attendance), then a fantastic
day at Stowe.

My friend Paul and I showed up at Stowe by 9am (after a long drive not
helped by the loss of an hour's sleep) to pick up our tickets from
dedicated volunteers Linda S. and PattiMac.  After several
introductions to various listers (whose names I probably never got
exactly straight!), we set out for some warm-ups.  A crusty Centerline
probably wasn't the best place to work off 3.5 hours of driving
stiffness, but another quick cruise off the triple worked out the
bugs.  We got down to business with a trip down the left Bypass chute,
admiring the excellent cover (consumed a 50" ski pole down to the
grip), then dodged irregular Nosedive bumps by skirting the edge of

On the way to the Quad, we spotted the first Green Plaid of the day
and attached ourselves to the SkiVT-L brigade.  For the rest of the
day, we put our faith in His Plaidness and 20 or so apostles.  First,
a blast down Hayride to Tres Amigos.  We whosed out in favor of more
soft moguls, then merged back into the group at some chowder-covered
crosscut.  We whosed again as the group dove into some amazingly
brushy woods, and instead found a path between Lookout and Liftline
that turned out to be even more of an obstacle course ("Sure you can
fit between those ski can fit, at least.").  We found the
group once again at the Quad, and headed off to an epic assault on
Goat.  From the back of the line, I had a great view as the group
ripped down Upper Goat back-to-back like some twisted cross between
the PSIA Demo Team and a marauding barbarian horde.  Soon after the
line disappeared into the woods, a lone skier came scraping down the
rocky, rooty remanents and asked "What happened to all the snow?  It
looked great from the lift just fifteen minutes ago."


After lunch, our wishes were granted as we piled back into Bypass
Glades for some of the best snow of the day.  Separated from the more
experienced (and speedier) barkeaters, Paul and I traversed far left
to some lightly tracked line that delivered sweet turns down past
Rimrock, and into Glades.  We reconnected just in time for the most
excellent Chin Clip poach.

Big thanks to Wesley for putting this all together, Linda and PattiMac
for sacrificing ski time to hold our tickets, and to all the
SkiViTtlers who guided, amazed, entertained, and watched out for us.
Truly a special day.

You know, I just realized that I'd completely forgotten about the
soaking rain.  I must have been having fun.


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