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>I am going to tucks sometime the weekend of the 15 -16 and am wondering
>how much snow will be left for the other lines other then the headwall,
>like the chute and dodges and hillmans and gulf of slides that
>sorta stuff? cause I wanna try to ski something away from the bowl
>and the crowds

Only suicidal people would ski Dodges, but Hillmans should still be
skiable, as would the Gulf of Slides.  It's hard to predict- it could
snow, but the snowpack is significantly sub-average at altitude right
now (based on my 1 run on the middle slide at the Gulf of Slides on
25 March).

For getting away from the crowds, the Gulf of Slides would be the best
bet, especially since the trek up is likely to be a mud-fest at the
lower elevations (it's a ski trail, not a hiking trail, so it's not
well drained, and there are no bridges over the numerous rills & creeks.)
But it should be good skiing there for a few more weeks- at least on the
slides.  Take snowshoes rather than postholing it- keeps you from
breaking through snowbridges and preserves what mimimal trail skiing
remains.  Not all of the skiing there is clearly visible from the top
of the trail.  Look at Goodman's guidebook and take a map. There is some
nice open snowfield skiing to the S of the middle slide accessable via
a short bushwhack.

If you ski Hillman's instead, it'll be more crowded, and possibly narrow
in spots.  Since runouts will tend to be into rock, a helmet is recommended!
Late in the season there may be spots too narrow to ski, so be prepared for
a little bit of rock-scrambling.  But it's a nice long run- 1500' vertical
or so.

Don't forget to have fun, and don't let your ego kill you- there's always
next year/better conditions, etc.


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