When you won't even date a model, unless she agrees to learn how to become a
proficient skier on someone else's time.  This is called exercising the
"reaping rule" - but that's another story for another time.

When you're more comfortable in ski boots than out.

When you keep tripping while walking because there are no skis attached.

When ski patrollers let you duck ropes with them.

When you fully realize that snowboarding is to skiing what softball is to
baseball. (That's a joke, folks... I'm a skier and rider - though I do like
that K2 t-shirt with a similar theme...)

When you can subsist on free Happy Hour food for a winter.

When you realize on a Sunday afternoon, when it's 8 degrees outside and
you're walking to the KBL lot, after a 55 degree and rainy Saturday... that
the two snow guns blowing snow *onto* the access road are "marketing guns"
(trying to impress the Bostonites and New Yawkers that it will be a busy
week of snowmaking)

When you decide to take a few runs at 330pm on the only day you haven't
skied in weeks, just because you're a little early for your 4pm ski tuning

When you tune skis at night so that you can ski a hundred and a half days a

When good friends of yours fall into two groups, they either a) don't
recognize you out of ski clothing or b) don't see you ever between Halloween
and Easter.

When you blow off going to weddings and stuff like that so that you can ski
on really crowded weekends - when you already ski every other day of the

When you can't remember the last time you did laundry.

When you recognize your first new seasonal ski dream every year comes within
a couple of weeks of Independence Day.

When you start calling (as everyone else does...) the weekly Killington Ski
Bum race "World Cup Wednesday"

When your brothers tell you that they climbed up Superstar on June 27th one
year to ski maybe a 50 yard patch of really dirty snow... and you're 3000
miles away and all kind of excited.

ALSO: Sadly, you recognize you're not a ski bum (any longer) when a
non-skiing business trip prevents you from making it to the SKIVT partee.

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>Subject: Re: [SKIVT-L] you know your a ski bum when...
>Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2000 10:55:54 -0400
>On 5 Apr 00, at 9:15, Garry Waldeck wrote:
> > You know your a ski bum when:
> >
> > you have p-tex candles on your dinning room table instead of real
> >
> > any others?
>Dinner:  Ramen noodles.
>Sunday Dinner:  Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.
>You wake up to find a stranger sleeping on the couch.  Which is
>okay, because last week, you were the stranger sleeping on the
>You know exactly how many empty beer bottles must be returned
>to purchase each gallon of gas.
>Ketchup isn't a vegetable -- it's a three course meal.
>Duct tape is the key unifying wardrobe element.
>You lost your job because you didn't show up on a powder day.
>You find a new job replacing someone else who didn't show up on
>the same powder day.
>You think women in downhill suits are sexier than women in bikinis.
>When asked, your parents describe your job as "being in the
>recreation industry...."
>Views expressed above are personal views only,
>and don't necessarily reflect those of my employer,
>my supervisor, my dogs, my mechanic, you, your friends,
>your friends' friends, or your friends' friends dogs.
>So there.
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