Per Mike Taub's suggestion (thanks, Mike -- great idea, and I
wouldn't have done it without your mentioning it!), today -- last day
in Utah -- was a Solitude day.

Cool little place.  They're doing a small but tasteful village in the
upper base area.  Most of the lifts are old, slow doubles... and the
terrain is terrific. Got some nice turns in off the Powderhorn lift,
then a run down through Honeycomb Canyon from the summit lift,
and a few more rides and interesting twists and turns.

Malheuresement-- the combination of rubberlegs left over from
yesterday's primo Alta experience, the VERY heavy, VERY wet
snow today (70 degrees, bright sun) and my outtashape sea-level
butt conspired to make it a short one.  But fun!  Definitely be back.
Brighton, just up the canyon, looks like IT'S well worth a visit, too.

Four ski areas in four days... Canyons (really big, really fun, and
surprisingly raw -- narrow trails, tree shots, open bowls, great
steeps, excellent lift network and a very nice village in its infancy at
the base -- any o' you grumps who wanna call it McSkiing are
gonna have to answer to me)..... Deer Valley (tres chic, tres
soignee, skiing in the lifestyle of the rich and famous)... Alta ('nuf
sed -- I'm still trying to wipe the silly grin off my face) and
Solitude.... Not bad for a business trip.

I return to the rainy east early tomorrow morning.  I am satisfied,
there's still skiing to be done, and sailing season begins in five
weeks. Life could be worse.


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So there.

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