Mark responded to my post as follows:

"In a nutshell, I'd like to see the ski industry provide higher quality snow
from their snowmaking systems, higher quality trails and a higher quality
ski experience for all abilities at lift serviced ski areas.  So, instead,
you threw me in the backcountry and labelled me as being anti-lift seviced
skiing and anti-novice/intermediate skiing for Gawd only knows what reason."

To quote the master of a turn of phrase...HUHH?????

"I would like to respond to your post(s), but they become so twisted and
false, that it implodes on itself and becomes almost impossible to respond

Just did!! Gotcha!!!!

"Admittedly, I jerked your chain in response to a slew of uncalled-for
responses that you have made in the past.  I apologize for going too far".
Perhaps it's become a mutual case of "too-farness".

"1.)  Practice good manners (I'm the only one allowed to be a slob)/no

Does "Blue Knob" count as a profanity?

"2.)  Read posts more carefully so that you could correctly
interpret/respond to them."

Frankly, the Washington Post sucks.  Its a commie liberal big government

"3.)  Stop putting words into people's mouths"

Come on Mark  It's not like you were banned from Killington or something.  I
don't care what anybody says to me backchannel. Lighten up man!!!! I usually
charge $150 an hour to put words in people's mouths.  The list gets it for

"Do the above and you will rapidly regain credibility on this list."


What, and ruin a reputation I've worked so hard to establish?

"Leigh, your wife Briar is a sweetheart and is much more desirable than some
plastic model like Cindy Crawford.  I don't think that Cindy skis.  Does
Briar have any sisters?"

Thanks.  I appreciate and agree with the compliment, but her sister is 57
and married.  She doesn't ski either.

In conclusion Mark, don't take my responses too personally - I would have
responded to anyone on the list the same way on the same topic.  In other
words, it's the subject matter and not the writer.  I don't get bent out of
shape when someone gives as good as they get, and I expect others to feel
the same way from me.  So, feel free to fire away when and if the urge
strikes in the future .


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