Friends of friends went up during UVM's spring break (late March) and
had to stay below treeline because of avalanche. There is an accident
report of the most recent one on csac:

It's all in French. March 13th, 6 people in the group, 4 turned back
because they deemed it too dangerous. It was, a 200M slide caught the
two and one died (slammed head into tree I think, but my Franch is
rusty) the other was partially buried and injured. It was in Les
Valliers de Saint-Real area, just north of the eastern end of the Parc.
Report says it was at 1200M on 55 degree slopes, but I think those are
dubious numbers (only terrain in the Gaspe at that elevation is flat as
a pancake) maybe that's the max elev and max pitch for the area..

I'd like to go up last week in April or first week of May, after I get
off the boat. According to the Parc du Gaspesie web site Mont Albert is
off limits (caribou) after May 1st so sooner is probably better than
later. Looking to do a 5 day weekend or something in the Mont Albert --
Lac aux Americans area... anyone?


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