Dana Dorsett wrote:
> I never heard about banning access to Tucks from the summit, but in general
> it wouldn't be a good idea, since you wouldn't get a good look at the
> hazards on the headwall descents from above.

It was back in the 80's. The Cog Rail got a new hotshot owner who bought
some newfangled rotary plow for it and put out a poster that said
something to the effect of "ride the ski train up Mt Washington". For
way too much money you'd get a ride up, ski down Tucks, and get shuttled
back around. There was an article in Snow Country about it called "The
Little Train that Couldnt" that slammed the Forest Service and AMC for
putting an end to it and spread lots of misinformation about the
mountain in general. Personally, I'm glad it got shut down. Now I wish
they'd go the rest of the way and blast that damned train right off the
mountain, it's dirty, loud, and smells...


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