After a frustrating search  I finally found  the K2 Seth Morrison pro model
skis.  K2 is discontinueeing them by pushing the newer MOD line, which
should be good, but I am said that the Morrison & Kreitler will be extinct.
They just could'nt sell pro model well enough in ski shops, but I'll have
some kickin' 204 cm  Morrison that were skied on 5-7 times that will just
kick ass.  I prefered the 193, but when the ski is  SOLD OUT throughtout
North America you take what you can get.

Plus another Bonus, since my Bandit XXs got damaged and Rossignol was sold
out of them too they said they'll give me the 00/01 pair in place of my
current 99/00 boards this summer, the new one are cool because they'll have
a raised tail for riding switch.

Some of you might not care but, I'm so pumped that i finally found the
Morrisons before they went extinct.

Ski ya later,

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