Oh, the difference a day makes.

I decided to pilot myself to Stowe today -- partly buoyed by the Good
Friday skiing, but mostly because I could I could pilot myself to
Stowe today.

What was yesterday's "powder" was today's wet cement. It started off
OK, and slowly turned to bad and then worse. Mind you, the groomed
terrain was still pretty fun, but anything left to it's natural state
started off as heavy skiable glob, and later turned to icy death
crust. Best trees were lower down, where the temperature was warm
enough to avoid crusting -- until the snow falling from the sky
turned into earnest rain.

Still, I had a lo of fun. Nosedive was closed, partly because the ski
patrol was  dismantling all their warning signs and orange disk
things, partly because they were having their end of year party on
the runout. Just as well -- by the time I was ready to ski it, it was
probabyl unskiable. I got the last good gloppy turns on an untracked
(for good reason) upper National. Had the only tracks on Toll Road as
I bid goodbye to Mansfield for anothe ryear -- of lift service, at

I've lost count of days -- I think this was 59. Gotta find one more
before I hang up the boards...
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