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> Sorry Jim B. and Mark, but I must kindly disagree.  Look at the
>  chronology of the post.  Ryan publicly spams the list with his [sadly
>  misguided] exhortation to join a left wing political group.

Was it not Scott who "spammed" the list?  It wasn't Ryan.  His posts are
always about skiing.  Why do we try so hard to make ourselves look good, even
when we're wrong?  Sheesh.

Back to skiing...

I'm happy that it seems like things are going to be white again back in VT.
Out here in BC, we've still got lots of dirty slurpie to ski on.  I meant to
ski mostly on the teles this year, but I picked up a pair of Big Kahuna's
last October.  Consequently, I spent most of the season in the powder on the
fatties.  I'm a huge fan of wide boards.

But with all the corn and mashed potatoes of the past couple weeks, I decided
to free my heels.  Wow.  Finding that dynamic balance has been kind of
elusive, but when it clicks, it's been fantastic.  Here's my struggle and the
question that comes with it.  When I fall on teles, it's often over the
handle bars, and often with little prior warning.  What gives?  How good do
you have to be before you can determine WHY you fall?  Help.

Thanks heaps,

Jeff Eriksen

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