Just a reminder for anyone new to this process.....If you have not
specifically heard from the SLD regarding a problem with your application,
then assume the best. There does not appear to be any logic to the funding
announcements, so just be patient and keep checking.


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Hi, it was great seeing you at the Dynamic Landscapes conference.

I have a quick question for you since you are in my opinion at least,
the e-rate expert.  I looked at wave 1-5 and Winooski is not on it.
Should this concern me at all?  Year 3 was the first year I filled
out all of the paperwork myself. I was hired in July and Bob Owens
filled out all the paperwork and all I had to do was fill out the
Bear forms.

Is it unusual for me not to have heard anything at this point?  I
called the SLD and asked if all the paperwork was in order, and they
said yes.

Any input on this would be appreciated.


>Waves 4 & 5 are now posted at out site. Select the link below to get the
>latest funding data.
>Philip Hyjek
>School Information Technology Specialist
>Vermont Institute for Science, Math & Technology
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>7 West Street
>Montpelier, VT 05602
>802.828.0076 (fax)


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