Please try this site

It's a special issue of Emerging Infectious Diseases, volume 4, number 3,
July-September 1998 entitled Nosocomial Infection Update.

I am not sure it will answer your question.  Hope it will help.


On Wed, 3 May 2000, Janet Nelson wrote:

> I hope some kind soul can help me.  Has the CDC published new definitions
> for Nosocomial Infections since 1988 & 1992?  I have searched their
> website, and do not find it particularly helpful.  Each time I put in
> different word combinations, I get hundreds or even thousands of hits, and
> I have waded through some of these.  Our infection control nurse wants to
> know if she has their NEWEST definitions for her policy.  Evidently, there
> is a document called "Centers for Disease Control Guidelines for
> Determining Presence and Classification of Nosocomial Infections" - I
> found this on another website, but was denied access to the actual
> document.  If they are like other government agencies, there is no way to
> get a "real person" on the phone if you try to call them.  Their website
> lists a resource, L-276 entitled "CDC Definitions for Nosocomial
> Infections", but it is dated 1988.  I have given her American Journal of
> Infection Control 4/99 p. 101 "Criteria for defining a surgical site
> infection" and the CDC document "Operational Definitions for Year 2000
> Onjectives, Priority 20, Immunization and Infectious Diseases, p. 3
> "Operational definitions", but she wants a document that gives her their
> criteria for determination of each TYPE of nosocomial infection:  Blood
> infections, pneumonia, UTI, bone & joint, CNS infections, etc.
> If anyone knows how to search their website more effectively than I do,
> please let me know.  I'm about to refer her to her professional
> organization, but this group has come through for me before, so thanks!
> Please reply directly to me, as I read this list in digest form.
> Janet Nelson
> Community Hospital Library
> Grand Jct., CO
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