Window price for lift tickets at K. is now $30.  First time I've paid
window price this year since a 2 for 1 Tuesday at Cannon last December.

  Got on the chair at 9:10.  The snow setup firm pretty good last night
but with sunrise at 6 AM, it was softening already, but primo softness
didn't occur until after 10 AM.

  First run (and my last on this trail) was down SkyeLark - upper half
is white wall-to-wall, less than wall-to-wall where it necks to the
right to get to lower Bittersweet, and wall-to wall brown snow on the
bottom Bittersweet pitch ( with a few rocks and dirt growing up ).
The traverse back to the chair includes a skiis off walk of
a few hundred feet.

  Superstar is wall-to-wall white, ungroomed last night.  For the first
hour people were mostly skiing a 3 bump wide line which got worked up
nicely.  SkyeHawk headwall is still a good 4 or 5 bumps wide and steep.

  Lots of people were poaching the flattish terrain between the snow gun
towers and the lift and under the lift.

  Ski on / Ski off should last a good while yet.  The top mound
and headwall seems to have a very good amount of snow on it.

  I saw some guy pulled off to the to the side of Superstar talking
into a cell phone.  I was tempted to grab it from him and lecture about
optimal bump technique to whoever was on the line.

  P.S. has MWN photos from last Saturday.

  - Randy

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