I've been reading the Broken Rib thread with interest but
alas, UVM's graduation is on the 20th and 21st.  I know,
I know, "Where are my priorities?", but family's coming
in town and so forth...
Friday the 12th at Big K looks like it might be the
absolutely, positively last day of the season for this
kid, if of course a certain lovely lady whose name
appears in the above email address agrees to it.  Warning,
it may be a day full of wanton mogul-bashing, mud-skiing,
beer-swilling, basal cell-bombarding and other lascivious
activities.  Hopefully two other buddies also celebrating
the cessation of 18+ years of academic endeavors will
be joining me and we'd love to have plaid company.

Anyone for a BR/MT Prequel?

-Jim B.

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