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On Tuesday, May 02, 2000 9:17 PM, Jimski [SMTP:[log in to unmask]]
>     I have no idea how you draw some conclusions Marc.  Are you
> that I need to join the Sierra Club to count as being active in politics.

        Ah, Jim, you did indeed state the following: "Big brother is taking care
of us whether we want it or not and doesn't need the help of the Sierra
Club."  Your actual wording that states "whether we want it or not"
seemingly blatantly sez' "we're getting it and we have no power to stop it"
and your statement that the government does not need the help of any
outside organization (in this case, the Sierra Club) that is run by the
public says that we should not influence the government.
        I am obviously not insinuating that you need to join the Sierra Club to
count as being active in politics.  We should get active in our community
when possible and within reason and your post disses that.  Your original
post strongly infers - if not blatantly states - that we should sit back
and take whatever the government rams down our throats and we should not
even bother getting active.  That was troubling to me.

> If you are insinuating that I should vote

        Yes, you & I and everyone else should vote.

> I can honestly tell you I have not missed voting in any election from
national to local school district
> since my eighteenth birthday.

        I applaud you regarding that.  It is what is needed and is an outstanding
example of civic responsibility.  I cannot say the same thing - shame on me
'cuz I missed two.

>  I do not choose to run for local office in any
> capacity.  I do not choose to challenge Hillary Clinton for congress.

        I don't blame you.  It's a brutal hassle.

> really do not have any idea what mountain peak you left your brain on.

        Couchsachraga, July 1996.  A red squirrel probably ate it by now.  Good
source of protein.

> One minute you post an intelligent rational sounding informative message
> the history of the formation of the Adirondack Park and the next you go
> on some wacko tangent attacking me with some totally unfounded

        Jim, based on what you wrote, it is not unfounded.  Jim, ya' gotta work on
your wording, then.  What you posted gave a grossly incorrect impression
and a troubling one at that.  Please read it carefully.

> If you want to explain where you're coming from and how this relates to
skiing it might help.

        Ah .... you started the thread, Jim.

> If not, why don't you pick a fight with Leigh over his views on
fertilizer in Canada.

        I actually agreed with some of his points regarding fertilizer in Canada.
 Didja' read my response?


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