Eric J Krupka wrote:
> Don't open any email with ILOVEYOU in the subject.
> It's virus.

More to the point, don't open any executable attachment (like the .vbs that
was attached to this one) unless it's something you were expecting to be
sent. This is exactly the same thing as drinking the contents of a
half-open beverage container you found in the street.

If you opened the email but didn't open the attachment, you're fine. If
you're using a real operating system like one of the Unix variants, you're
also fine. [the management would like to apologize for that gratuitous bit
of geek snobbery; we haven't given him his medication yet this morning.]

-Chip Olson. | ceo at shore dot net
"You ask me why we celebrate, when nothing has been won;
 We take dark hours, we make them great, that's all we've ever done..."
                            -Oysterband, "This Is The Voice".

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