On Friday, May 05, 2000 4:58 PM, Geoff Devine [SMTP:[log in to unmask]]
> Chuck Manson, Jr. says:
> > I cannot help but notice that when I see someone driving
> > one of these Super Deluxe Limited Edition GT Super-Bomb
> > Equipe EFI (controlled by an on-board Cray Supercomputer)
> > SUV's, they seem to be overwhelmed and terrified behind
> > the wheel.  They don't seem like they're having fun.  Just
> > a humorous observation.
> Yep. As I thought, us SUV owners are getting slammed again.

        No .... n-o-o-o ..... I never intended to slam SUV owners.  Actually, I
sometimes pity them when I see that horrified look on their faces when they
have that sweaty death grip on the steering wheel !

> As an eco-disaster owner, I only look overwhelmed and
> terrified when I pull into the gas station.  Mr. Renson's
> wunderwagon (mit korrekt Deusche pronunciation of the w's)
> or whatever exercise in enviro-friendly transportation he
> drives just ain't suited for my particular application.

        Actually, my Toyota 4x4 gets surprisingly lousy gas mileage - 19 in the
city and 22 on the highway.  Pretty sad when you consider that it's a
puddle jumper.  But, it's inexpensive (that means cheap enough for a Frugal
Yankee) and it can carry my toys and I still have money left over for more
toys and farting around.  It would not surprise me if you get comparable
mileage with your mega Super Deluxe Limited Edition GT Super-Bomb SUV.

> Whatever else you say about 'em, they have no problems towing
> 4000 pounds of boat and they'll happily swallow bicycles,
> golf clubs, sail bags, and whatever toys I chose to stuff in
> the sucker.  As a side benefit, I only need to clean my stuff
> out of the inside of the thing out twice per year and it looks
> really cool during mud month when I get this really neat brown
> swoosh abstract artwork on the sides.

        Makes ya' think of one of Bobby Knight's motivational speeches, eh?
 Anyway, Geoff, didja' ski at the Evil Empire of McSkiing, today?  I would
appreciate a report, please.


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