On Friday, May 05, 2000 8:23 PM, Nick Malczyk
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> Has anybody been up to the Pile lately?  I'm planning on taking an
> trip into the Great Gulf two weeks from now with a friend of mine and I
> wondering what the snowpack is like up there.  I'm planning on bringing
> skis in, hopefully I'll bag a run or two.

        It's dying, quick.  At the end of the day, I drove north on 16 because
Conway/North Conway makes me want to vomit except for the climbing gear
stores and then I drove west on US 2.  The King Ravine (Mt Adams) is toast
and the #7 Chute looks like it's in 2 parts.  Castle Ravine has nothing.
 The Jefferson Snowfields does have some cover and there is an intriguing
connection into a chute into the Jefferson Ravine with another ribbon
paralleling it.  You can't see into the Great Gulf from 16, so I can't
report on that.  Gulf of Slides is history and you can check my report on
today's Tuck's festivities.


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