I said, mostly joking since any Killington regular knows
how arrogant the "elite bumpers" are:

>> Killington regulars are polite and know not to
>> stop in the bump lines.

Wesley Alan Wright says:
> Posh piddle.

and John Crowley, Jr. chimes in:
> Posh piddle indeed.

Yep.  There are about 50 bumpers and several instructors who
are prone to scream "Get the F*** out of my line"   I really
wish they'd start yanking season passes for that sort of
behavior.  That said, it's always pretty obvious where the
bumper line is and I do my best to never stop in it and glance
over my shoulder before I ski into it.  It's the price you
pay for skiing at a resort that gets 800,000 skier visits
with 80% of 'em on weekends.  I guess I'm just used to it.
I learned to drive in metro-Boston so it wasn't much of an


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